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APEC, established in 1996, specializes in R&D and manufacture of eco-friendly waterborne acrylic emulsion adhesives, PSAs (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives), waterborne PUD (Polyurethane Dispersion) and AUD (Acrylic Urethane Dispersion). With its mission to contribute to human health and natural environment conservation by endeavoring to convert solvent-based emulsion adhesives into water-based ones, APEC has been committed to creating customer value and grown with its customers by collaborated, intensive R&D activities for the last two decades.

Our capacity for agile renewal coupled with innovative corporate culture and supportive leadership enables us to offer our customers tailor-made, environment-friendly products that help them meet their local and global standards and responsibilities with high performance products.

Our technological capabilities meet increasing customer demand for high quality and sustainable options. We collaborate and partner with you to understand your needs and recommend the right solutions.

Regarding our logo, while the "white smaller circles" symbolize emulsifiers surrounding a core acrylic emulsion particle that is represented in the "white larger circle," the "blue circle" stands for the shell of acrylic emulsion. "APEC" is the abbreviation of Advanced Polymer Emulsions Company and deep blue color implies the clean Earth. Overall, symbolizing the shape of acrylic emulsion particles, our logo is intended to deliver the meaning that we are in pursuit of making further progress in acrylic emulsion technology to help preserve the natural environment of the Earth.
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